#NeverDeadNative Halloween Shows To Watch 2016

#NeverDeadDani & #NeverDeadTalon choose a television show/special they're feeling this Halloween.

The Simpsons: Tree House of Horror IV

#NeverDeadDani: The Simpsons Tree House of Horror was one series I enjoyed as a kid, not primarily because it was scary but because it was such a surreal departure from the show itself. It was so fun how they reinvented the characters to play roles of various Halloween tales and because of the context of the show existing in its own sort of parallel universe, you could never be sure of the ending. If I were to choose one to recommend for our readers, this Halloween it would be “Terror at 5 ½ feet” a reimagining of the popular episode of the Twilight Zone episode (which also happens to be a favorite of mine) about a man on the plane who sees a creature on the plane wing, but no one believes him. I wouldn’t want to give too many details as to take away the experience for those who may not have seen it. But I will say, the idea of the general plot always freaked me out and the gremlin creature in the episode always creeped me out with an ending that haunted my thoughts. If you can access this episode this Halloween I highly recommend it

Tom & Jerry: Fraidy Cat

#NeverDeadTalon: Growing up, I was a HUGE Tom & Jerry fan. It’s the first VHS videos I’d get to rent from Blockbuster for MYSELF. One Halloween, I came across this great short from the earlier days (1942 original release) where Tom scares himself after listening to a spooky show on the radio, and Jerry (finding it funny) spends the rest of the night scaring him silly. I think that’s what I liked most about it back in the day, as I’ve always been attracted to the idea of old timey radio and (more specifically) scary old timey radio. I spend a lot of my days online and in record stores looking for recordings of old spooky radio programs from that era - I feel their music and sounds from those shows are really influential on how the genre has grown to what it is today, and to see it implemented in an old cartoon I used to love was awesome. If you can find it, or any Halloween episode from Tom & Jerry, I highly suggest it! It’s light, fun, funny, and even have their own spooky moments!