NeverDeadTalon's Half-Halloween Sounds 2017

Next up, #NeverDeadTalon gives us what he's been listening to in the spirit of our week-long Half-Halloween celebration!

Bring Me The Horizon - Sonic Area Remix (Can You Feel My Heart)

I really enjoy the abrasiveness met with such sudden dark harmonies and vibes brought in much of WitchHouse music, and this song exemplifies just that. The contrasting heavy beat and vocals with breakdowns really gets me here. And, feel free to call me emo, but I absolutely love the line “I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.”! And on that note, how could you not fall in love with those organs? I feel like a creep listening to this, and I like that.

Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - “O.R.T.”

Hands-down, in my opinion, best duo ever for erie music. Released on the Silent Hill Origins (or Silent Hill Zero) soundtrack, this is one of my favorites of the two. The title, “Oral Rehydration Therapy” is actually a technique used on burn victims in intensive care. Why is this important? Well, the lyrics speak of what is some father issue, which is relevant to the game plot. And in one of the beginning scenes, the main character saves someone from fire (this is his intro to Silent Hill). I could honestly keep making connections, but I think I’ve expressed my point. The levels to this song (along with its melancholic charm) is just too good.

Dry Cell - “Slip Away”

Anyone remember Freekstyle for the PS2? I do. When geeking out with #NeverDeadDani about the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, Dry Cell’s involvement in the soundtrack reminded me of this old gem. The progression of the song is something I love. Very cyclic in a good way and the breakdown is great too. Maybe it’s not the most “horror”esque song, but it’s heavy-dty attitude is great.

Daylyt - “Sweatshirt”

My favorite battle rapper Daylyt has been on a tear with great music lately. This one makes me want to stagger across the street and creep people out. His stream-of-conscious continuous rhymestyle that’s so multi-layered makes me think of a possessed entity trudging along in a zombie fashion. Really love this and can’t wait to hear more releases from Daylyt in the future.

Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith of The Cure - “Not In Love”

Maybe this identifies me as a poser, but I was introduced to not only Witch House by listening to SIdewalks & Skeletons, but so too was I introduced to Crystal Castles from him. Going through the rabbit hole that is Youtube, I came across this track that features Robert Smith. The synths on here are really cool and remind me of that “Return of the Living Dead” vibe.

Don't be shy! Let us know what you're listening to this Half-Halloween!