$uicideboy$: Trippy, True, Therapeutic

           I’m extremely late to this ride, but I’m okay with that. Why? Because they are that good. Over the past month I have been introducing myself to the hypnotizing vibes of the rap duo $uicideboy$. Hailing from New Orleans, $lick and Ruby Da Cherry make up what I can best describe as a trapstyle-hybridity of Triple Six Mafia and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Personally, I am always looking for vibey music with a darker personality, especially around Halloween time, and so I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this great music.


        With song topics ranging from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and just general twisted bar-filled verses, there’s a lot to take away from this group. The production is almost always on point. The percussion and drums never get stale (something that could be considered hard in a genre of music that is often criticized for repetition), and the musical landscape of each beat has a very atmospheric vibe that compliments the ominous lyrics so well. The creativity of these artists in terms of morphing cadences, mixing up tonalities, and flexing vocal melodies is off the charts. Each song has something new to offer in the group’s well-established style.

        One thing I really appreciate about this group is their close proximity to undeniable unapologetic truth. While some may deem it as being dangerous or as being a negative influence, it is my belief that their unapologetic expression of substance abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, suicide, etc. is what makes them so important. While watching a performance of theirs (see video below), $lick is shown introducing their song “Low Key” with assurances to fans that they need not feel alone in their own personal struggles and mental health issues. As someone who suffers from high anxiety, depression, and even suicidality, listening to their music has been so therapeutic and comforting. I don’t doubt that many other fans feel the same way.

http://soundcloud.com/g59 | http://suicideboys.bandcamp.com | http://www.g59records.com/ http://twitter.com/suicidechrist | http://twitter.com/suicideleopard | http://www.g59recordsmerchandise.com/

        Their soundscape of atmospheric beats and demonic lyrics should not be slept on, either. Take these few lines as example of their verbal prowess:

“Stalker, creepin', out the fuckin' dungeon
Switchblade on 'em hit the guts like a pumpkin,”
From the song “Paris”

“I am the Lord of loneliness.
I'll hold my breath
Just spoke with death
He said he hopes for the best”
From the song “Antarctica”

“Lay low at the bottom of a tulip bed
They know Ruby got a lot of useless thread
Cut me open, let me rest
There ain't nothin' in my chest
A hollow cage that caused my death”
From the song “Lay Low”

“Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan
Triple six be my language
Smoking on something that's flagrant
Shooting up something that's tainted”
From the song “Do You Believe In God?”

        One thing that should be pointed out is that I do not think that this music should be at all categorized as “horrorcore”. It feels way more than that. However, if you are looking for some complex vibes to get you through this Halloween season, whether it’s a positive one or negative one, I guarantee there’s something there for you. And in a world where nearly everything is disingenuous, here are a few artists that you can really appreciate.


        One thing that I will question, though, is the slantedness of media portrayal. Possibly opening a can of worms, I am without a doubt tempted to question society’s and media’s questionable placement of explicit expressions of mental health. So far, in my time watching and hearing $uicideboy$, I have not once heard any news outlet challenge the artistic expression of suicide. However, upon minutes of anything that rapper XXXTentacion does with suicide (i.e. shooting videos of hanging himself, which was actually for a video depicting something else entirely), the media seems to be all over it immediately with “hard-hitting” questions challenging suicidality portrayed in music. While I’d prefer that no artist pay a penalty for speaking their mind or how they really feel when it comes to their own mental health and opinions surrounding this topic, it does seem odd that these two instances vary in critique. Overall, though, I hope that nobody tries to demonize this music and mark it as “dangerous”, because in my opinion it has all been beautifully resonant in my ears and how I feel after hearing these songs.


        Personally, I cannot get enough of $uicideboy$. They are a breath of fresh air that keeps things new and exciting for my ears. It is the music that I was waiting for since Three 6 Mafia’s “Mystic Stylez” album and since Lord Infamous’ popularized triplet flow made way in the mainstream music scene. If you have not yet, I suggest listening to songs like “Paris”, “A Death In The Ocean Would Be So Beautiful”, “Low Key”, “Prince Tulip”, and “O PANA!”. You will not regret it.