"Night Of The Living Deadpool" - Review

          Since the 2016 release of “Deadpool” (you know, the one where they got it right?), every fan new and old has been continuously urinating themselves in excitement in anticipation of a sequel. And with the "Deadpool 2" teaser trailer presented right before “Logan”, the hype has only continued to conjure over time, leaving eager fans to tread amongst all of the Deadpool content they can find as a way of passing the time until then. And who can blame them? Deadpool is awesome!

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I mean, I’m one of them, so off I went to Atomic City comics in Philadelphia and picked up this novel I’m about to review.

           If there’s one thing people should know about me, it’s that I ADORE Deadpool. He’s without a doubt my favorite character in the Marvel universe, bringing a refreshing spin in the realm of superhero comics that I never get tired of. The self-consciousness of each issue, infinite 4th-wall breaks, dark humor, and overall darker themes are just some of the many aspects I like about this figure and his features. That’s why I was delighted to pick up the “Night of the Living Deadpool” book, a 4-issue run originally released in 2014.

        The premise of this book begins very simply: Deadpool ate himself into a deep chimichanga coma, and wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. Probably what I like best about this is the implications for Deadpool. If you really think about it, the only thing he has out there to fear is nobody getting to hear him talk, and no more chimichangas or flapjacks (unless he can find ingredients in the post-apocalyptic world to make those himself)!

           It's Deadpool, so you know there'll be quirkiness to the apocalypse, and definitely some funny gags. However, I don’t think that humor like this from Deadpool breaks the horror of the zombies at all. It’s still a desolate apocalyptic theme, but it is cool to have Deadpool there to calm us all down a bit when things get to be a little too much.

        This series has a cool “Dead Rising” vibe to it. Since it is Deadpool, the introduction of the zombies doesn’t really come off as a shocking moment that takes up too much of the story. Instead, Deadpool makes references to video games, movies, television (basically anything with zombies in it), and starts dismantling the undead. And like the video game “Dead Rising”, the zombies are still gruesome and gory with the contrast of Deadpool’s general disregard towards every corpse and enemy that comes his way. Overall, it just makes for a fun read.

        Now, I don't want to give it all away, so without spoiling anything, the ending gives a great Marvel-esque horror twist that I really enjoyed. It is a bit bleak, but it's also comical in a dark way. In all, the end to me reflects the rest of the book as being this fun ride that has me so ready to go back to the shop to pickup and read the 2015 sequel “Return of the Living Deadpool”. I highly recommend this to any fan of either Marvel or the zombie genre. It’s well-thought, and while it may seem like another zombie-spinoff, I feel like this one is much more than that.